Manufacturing Dissent

Chomsky spoof imgWanted to pass on a formula I see emerging that leverages the “quick trigger” blogs of disgruntled consumers, employees and brand stakeholders phenomenon (like the B-of-A video). I call it “Manufacturing Dissent” and it commands control of the debate by populating many of the channels where complaints occur with spoof messaging that entertains. Not for all brands, but consider the cumulative effect of these postings and the discussion they inspire–high search rankings, free distribution and more. Also, when consumers see something that strikes their short attention-span, multi-tasking fancy on TV, what’s the first thing they do to recall, review, forward, replay, etc.? Video Search. So, might be relevant in addition to formulaic…For “brands that don’t take themselves too seriously” (Mike’s, Newcastle, Axe, Mello Yello, etc.) this could be a strong solution.

Here are some examples:

Mini Cooper’s “Counter Counterfeit Commission” acted like an advocacy campaign, even allowing you to submit your “fake Mini spotting” images. Here’s the AdWeek coverage of the campaign.

NBC’s Bill the Promo Guy–“We’re not just promoting our show, we’re paying our kid’s tuition on YouTube”

Extended examples from Rolling Rock’s Manufactured Dissent, organized in our “Introduce, Dialogue and Reminder” Media Roles model:


TV Ad with Ron Stablehorn’s “insincere apology” appears to be mostly running on Comedy Central & Male-oriented Cable Channels


 REMINDER: eMAIL remarketing “from Ron Stablehorn”


“This ad is not airing on TV due to an overwhelming number of complaints. However, we feel this is one of the best commercials of all time, and we will continue to run it on the Internet.”

Post-text: (BEST PRACTICE NOTE: important to add extra time before YouTube’s “play again” or suggestive selling engine kicks in at the end of YouTube post…)

Cheers! silva


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