Twitter as model for Web 2.0 IPO/Acquisition BPs

While looking at Twitter for marketers, this thought occured: Twitter may be the perfect model for IPO/Acquisition in spite of its success. Let’s take inventory of the best practices applied to this start-up:

  • A name that means nothing means everything. Yahoo!, eBay, Amazon, GoogTube anyone?
  • Music seeds. Like iTunes, MySpace, YouTube and Web 1.0’s Napster, the music tie-in gets influencers, tastemakers and empassioned fans playing with the platform. Not an accident that this one tipped at SXSW.
  • Evolved from another business. Expect this to be the next new thing. Companies will realize that their innovations can eclipse the value of their current model if they are willing and have mechanisms for unlocking them.
  • Don’t dis the zip. South Park location doesn’t hurt.

Anyone want to build on this riff?

btw, I think I’ll start closing my blogs with twitterisms.

“I am insomnia’s bitch”–some guy in New Zealand, 4am local


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