Spiderman 3 spins some best practices

spidey promo logoHere’s a quick best practice piece on character and personality-driven brands via Spiderman 3 and Target. Full disclosure: I’m a comicphile. It’s one of the reasons I got into the creative field. I learned to draw with Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Thor and more. All that’s to explain I watch this space closely–and am very proud of our work with Warner in marketing these titles.

spiderman 3 promoSony and Target have teamed up for an inventive promotion employing User Generated Content. The site gives a full suite of information and tools to help you succeed in developing a 2-minute video for the contest. Using the toys and merchandise available at Target, you’re encouraged to create content in the form of a mini-story/webisode/trailer. The site includes:

  • Interview tips with filmmaking team, including storyboarding and sound
  • Music loops, sets and spiderweb sound effects
  • Clear guidelines on characters and content
  • Upload gallery
  • Rating/Voting systems

Here’s what I love about this execution:

  • Actually relates directly to specific sales, but clearly gets consumers into the store where overall basket ring will benefit–not every campaign or promotion can do this and most drive consideration, but this one also drives conversion so elegantly
  • Engages a key channel partner, earning strong display and sales support for merchandising
  • 1+1=3? Target invests in developing UGC contest and advertising support may buy segments not targeted by the film marketing (moms vs. teens, for instance)
  • Perfect for character driven brands because their “brand mythology” rooted in the episodic, comic-book/pulp form. Having users add to the panoply to stories is accretive to the character, brand and form
  • A bit of a long-tail–few people buying or generating content from the many titles available adding up to larger aggregated numbers

Here’s a yummy video created for the last Spiderman movie to demonstrate how good it can be. Enjoy.



One response to “Spiderman 3 spins some best practices

  1. AdWeek covered the use of PhotoBucket to “build buzz” around the film as well:


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