YouTube’s Content Contention

youtube Henry Blodget takes a different look at the meritsof Viacom’s Billion-dollar lawsuit against YouTube, using Vidmeter for his lenses. Referencing the Vidmeter report onCopyright matertial on YouTube, he points out thatmaterial removed by request from YouTube constitutes just under 9.25% of all videos, and only 6% of total viewed content. Viacom’s share of copyright material removed by request was the largest at 2%; Time Warner was the other leader. I encourage you to read the Vidmeter report linked above. You’ll see more music video than Daily Show and Cobert Report. Blodget’s takeaways: Advantage Google/YouTube in their big-media negotiations; NBCU/Fox won’t dent YouTube’s growth and dominance; online viewers want short clips not full-length shows. Good follow-on comments and debate in the Blodget post.


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