$20mm to promote Uncle as Chairman

Ben Stuart Elliot covers a new campaign and website  (free sub req’d) from TBWA/Chiat/Day/Tequila for Uncle Ben’s. His piece covers the life, times, evolution, detractors and potential perils of promoting a fictitious chacarter steeped in racism to “Chairman.” Here’s the article excerpt:

A racially charged advertising character, who for decades has been relegated to a minor role in the marketing of the products that still carry his name, is taking center stage in a campaign that gives him a makeover — Madison Avenue style — by promoting him to chairman of the company.

Holds particular fascination for me as a social commentary and brand innovation piece. As virtual personas become more common, there’s a nugget in here about how far we go, or even if we should. Not to detract the courage of challenging a beloved stereotype, I’m just saying we should start a pool now for how fast this one gets pulled. 🙂

BTW, this is the second post today about fakey guys in ad concepts. Trend?


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