Fake old guy more interesting

dosxxinterestingmanth.jpgAdWeek covers the breaking Dos Equis  campaign by Euro NY for Heineken USA, the brand’s new importer. The new website, Stay Thirsty My Friends, is entertaining and uses faux advergames that shouldn’t attract the ire of neoprohibitionists as the fictional Most Interesting Man (MIM) character is clearly older than 21-years, the U.S. legal drinking age. Interesting that DosXX.com (XX.com was taken early on by the porn industry), their hygienic brand website, follows the visual theme and links to MIM, but pursues more below the line, promotional activity beneath that of the branded entertainment microsite reserved for MIM. Currently the video isn’t available on the vidshare sites, but you can see the commercials on StayThirstyMyFriends.com as well as at http://www.adforum.com/affiliates/EvS/051/ad_detail2.asp?ID=6696104&TDI=VD1yKuIuha


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