Making a leak for buzz

script leakThis in from buzzfeed: Movie Script leaks. It calls out some Simpson scripts that have been leaked–warning: Simpson writer profanity on the linked page. In the 2.0 world, lots of content that used to be private is finding its way to the surface and even the top of search rankings. Some of it’s illegal activity, defying non-disclosure agreements and bad behavior. Some is willful incompetence from those ignorant of the implications of posting in a public space. And some can be clever marketing. Let’s focus on the latter.

 Leaks can be generated around product innovations, high-interest franchises and brands and even in service of branded entertainment around a brand’s values. For filmed entertainment, even a fake or “spoiler” can create buzz. Jurassic Park IV (didn’t cover enough in the first three) had a fake script leak, leading to noise about its development.

Posts that contain Jurassic Park per day for the last 30 days.
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Maybe we’ll see the next Theatrical or DVD campaign feature a User Generated Fake Script contest–if it could clear legal approval…


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