Social Networking Search Report

New report by iProspect and Jupiter titled Social Networking User Behavior Study (April 2007) is a must-read for all marketers and their agencies. Thanks to Paul Walker for posting on his blog.

 Quick, non-exhaustive topline: Although Social Networking has grown rapidly in popularity and press coverage, the big portals and search engines still dominate in daily traffic usage and online penetration; must remain core. That said, somewhere around 25% hit social networking & searching daily or monthly–can’t be ignored. Vertical topics and functions (travel, food, local, bookmarking, etc.) although smaller in useage are powerful consideration points for marketers appealing to those verticals. Marketers should look at how to participate on reviewing sites, even when negative comments are active. And, although the cut-off age on this research was 18-years old, the 18-24 demographic had heavier activity overall for Social Networking and Searching, so look hard at this when engaging this consumer.

 There are tons of nuggets within the brief. Read and apply.

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