TrailerMash 300

In the last post, we mentioned BuzzFeed’s  TrailerMash  trend spotting. To illustrate the trend with through the lens of a single film, take a look at the variations a quick YouTube search on “300 recut” reveals.

MovieMashes: Soundtrack set to different movies:

Happy Feet 300

Ron Burgundy in 300

Shrek 300

Sandlot 300

Might Ducks 2/300

“PG Rated version” adds happy thoughts, iconography and do-gooder wit with absurd affect:

AudioMashes: Trailer simply mashed to new music for different effect

Here’s your 300 TrailerMash sorbet: the trailer soundtrack set to images from Frank Miller’s graphic novel. It really dramatizes how powerful Miller’s visual language is and how closely the film stayed true to the graphic novel. Really quite amazing:

GamingMash: using imagery from gaming to 300 trailer audio:

World of Warcraft 300

Halo 300


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