Going Back in Gossip Time

olay_nypost_header.jpgLilan, one of our digital marketing media specialists, brought to our attention an elegant, simple execution for the Total Effects Olay line. It comes from a simple idea: Olay wipes out the illusion of time. On the NY Post, a “roadblock” ad placement takes you back ten years to their 1997 archive.

Why does this work? In the gossip rags–in this case, NY Post Pg. 6–like in soap operas, you can wipe out 10 years and it feels like yesterday. The actors and plots are pretty much where you left them. OK, thankfully Paris wasn’t dominating headlines in 1997, but Rosie, Michael, Madonna, etc? Same actors, similar plots. There’s something reassuring when our celebrities deliver consistently on their brand promise. So, the genre gives itself to rolling back time.

It also works because dirt is evergreen, so the archives are as juicy as the new stuff.

And it works because their target consumer escapes through the drama of pop-culture: the love/hate relationship with celebrities; the aspirational/sensational nature of style; the morality plays and simplistic stories embedded between the lines of Gossip.

We talk about putting the “Me in Media” through interactions that allow consumers to make their own connections with a truth. This little gambit serves a entertaining lens into the simple brand truth without making any of those outrageous claims of defying age.


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