Sao Paulo No Logo

Imagine a world without “spectacular”–the industry term for large-format displays–outdoor media. Interruptive media in public space silenced. In Sao Paulo the city had the will to make such a move. Here’s a flickr page with images from the city; the commentary is as interesting as the slideshow.

Out of respect for our consumers, let’s tone down the irrelevant interruptions. Heck, let’s do it out of respect for ourselves. Deep down, we share our consumer’s contempt for bad advertising noise. I won’t let my kids view most of the junk-food ideas propagated by advertisers; the few I do let in are wonderful, insightful and respectful.

In a world of consumer-controlled media, we’re all about invitational and delightful engagements.

Gracias to Skatz-man for bringing it to our attention. BTW, wouldn’t it be great if we could lose all the powerlines as well?


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