A Client You’d Be Proud To Work For

AdPulp covers Unilever’s bold, clear advocacy for its Dove Idea by committing to hiring “healthy” models in its advertisingwith a BMI of 18.5-25. This is the power of an Idea. From the Insight that most women have an unhealthy or dissatisfied view of themselves grew the Dove promise and Campaign for Real Beauty. How powerful and beautiful to see a media reflection of themselves where the aspiration is self-actualized beauty. As a father, I’m a huge fan of this new image. As a husband, it’s the beauty I embrace and resonates as strongly with my partner.

The strength of this Idea is that it is transcending the brand. It gave a powerful umbrella for the brand to grow as most Ideas will. But now it’s transcending to infect the entire global entity. Wow.

We get to work with Unilever on Lipton and are proud of the company even more than any single brand. We have great respect for our brand, and are looking forward to promoting the company Idea as well. Wouldn’t you?


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