Myth of Overnight Success

Great post by Matt, one of the founders of WordPress, talking about how media perpetuates the myth of overnight wealth generation. You know the story: kid on a whim starts a company, gets discovered, attracts capital and exits in 18 months with barrels of cash. Matt’s take is that media hunts for this story and promotes an unrealistic expectation of value generation in many ways. A quote:

“Someday I think there will be a realization that the real story is more exciting than the cookie-cutter founder myth the media tries frame everything in. It’s not just one or two guys hacking on something alone, it’s dozens of people from across the world coming together because of a  shared passion. It’s not about selling out to a single company, it’s dozens of companiesindependently adopting and backing an open source platform for no reason other than its quality. I’m not a millionaire, and may never be, but there are now hundreds of people making their living using WordPress, and I expect that number to grow to tens of thousands. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, not the prospect of becoming a feature on an internet behemoth’s checklist.”

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