iPhonomics or “the post-PC era”

I encourage click the links below to get more info on what’s being called ‘iPhonomics’ or ‘the post-PC era.'” The conclusions I’ll make from these articles pertain to digital marketing and can be summarized as: we’re entering a new phase. It’s devices and networks catching up with 2.0/collective intelligence Web.

Dan Farber covers Steve Gillmor at ZDNet announcing the end of the PC era with the advent of the iPod/iPhone/iEtc describing Gillmor’s central issue as battery life. Other yummy nuggets about the use of Google Gears–is there such an innovation these days without reference to Google? he asks rhetorically–as the functional bridge between online and offline; usage and downtime; web and device; uptime and downtime.

Meanwhile, at Gillmor’s blog he’s posing a simple mantra: “but what has that got to do with the iPhone.” Funny, but relevant. Let’s all ask this question to reveal more about the potential down the road than further our addiction to iPhonidolitry.

For those that will recall, when the first iPod came out (too long ago to link as a blog post) we pegged it as the beginning of the “me-server,” “walking data centers” or “pocket-dvr.” Call it what you will, these devices are radically changing consumer’s experiences and expectations about media, brands, communications and personal choice.

Bringing this concretely back to digital marketing, the consumer-in-control-Web 2.0-world should be getting a lot clearer. Both Moore’s law (2x transistors/smaller, more powerful and efficient transistors/devices every 24 mos) and Metcalfe’s law (value of network proportional to the square of the number of users–n2) show the march of devices and broadband options for networked enabled and collaborative consumers. It means the digital trends we’re seeing from youth and young adults to boomers won’t reverse the new reality. And, it means the strategies for: connecting; engaging; entertaining; promoting; inciting; recruiting; apropriating or disintermediating; lionizing or neutralizing debate around brands need to change.

More in this space soon about how we think the Agency, Marketer and Media of the Future will need to look and act to address these opportunities.

In the meantime, pls forgive if this comes off as gushing, but we’re entering that next phase Farber and Gillmor reference, although I don’t believe it will be post-PC. The buzz isn’t just because Apple’s brand is behind this, although there’s enough coverage out there about Job’s knack for cultivating buzz. I believe the excitement is coming from being able visualize the access and control over content in an unprecedented, and frankly, intuitive/duh way.

 Why more people aren’t dissatisfied with the tools we have today–from devices, to connectivity, to batteries, to software integration, to the way agencies and marketers and publishers work together–is beyond me. The status quo is unacceptable and it’s incumbant on each of us in the ecosystem to move it more towards an iPhonic experience.

Rather than complain, we’re going to promote ways to address it in our small footprint of the digital world. That’s our commitment to this Share of Voice. Hang out and on for the ride. Here’s a little calamari to enjoy with the trip:


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