Jobs: What is Great?

So Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer takes out the iPhoneby laughing and calling names. I suspect iPhone will have the last laugh on him. If not, enjoy these fine examples of behavior that would cost you a presidential candidacy:

But that’s not actually the point. This kid, Matt Ledger, from the UKposts a video of Steve Jobs as if it’s in response to Ballmer’s comments on the iPhone. But it’s actually from back when Jobs had long hair.

And, the comment is a perennial comment on excellence and establishing a different standard for winning. I think it’s brilliant, if you replace “Microsoft” for “Mediocrity” of any brand, thinking, product or service. Job’s recipe for excellence:

  • Original Ideas
  • Bring Culture Into Product
  • Expressed in Quality of Execution

Here’s a minute of Jobs:


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