You Simpson Contest

silvasimpsonThat handsome devil to the left is me as I appear on my version of the Simpson Movie site, proudly sporting my Duff-branded beershirt. Brilliant. This marketing program’s authentically stylized, vanity press appeal lets you become a bit of pop-culture. So let’s get it going. Make your own Simpson character and post links here in the contest. Best likeliness by July 10 gets their own Cafe-Press version of them on a T-Shirt from me.

Since some have asked, I made a screen capture of the PDF print-out for the Avatar I created on the Simpsons site. For the family version, did some quick photoshop work to compose it. Cheers! silva


8 responses to “You Simpson Contest

  1. Donovan and 50 Cent to star in The Simpsons movie’s first music video.

  2. Mmmm… SoV bloggy goodness (drool)

  3. here’s the whole family. even the crummy cats

  4. Cute idea. like the prospect of seeing the avatar in the movie…

  5. It’s definitely an idea that has resonance with a vast number of people. Will play devil’s advocate by being disappointed in cross-platform capability.

  6. Love it.

  7. Well, it’s the 10th! Here is my last minute entry:

  8. I mailed this to you over a week ago. This time I thought I should respond to your blog. Am I too late?


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