Twitter Birth

First, congratulations to Marc Nathan, a Houston digital media VC, and his incredibley understanding wife Joy, who twittered his daughter’s birth this morning at 7:46 am.  My fav: “Crowning!”

Some quick thoughts around this event:

  • It’s a defining moment in all their lives–we record these with photos, videos and other forms of announcements; Marc used a microblog and having seen his blog, probably did all of the above as well
  • There’s been some discussion about microblogging’s role in our downtime. There’s no downtime for a guy like having the main event being carried by the leading lady and know there’s not a thing you can do/say/will/drive it better/faster/easier/geterdone
  • nice metaphor for 2.0–their first baby probably wasn’t shared as much with the collective

UPDATE–From fellow traveler in discussion today: “It’s another proof-point for the chronic male condition of emotional detachment, unavailability or even abandonment. Wow, think someone had issues? :-)”

Congratulations @marc1919 and family!


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