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sabertooth box office performanceChris Anderson points to a Bear Sterns study of “The Long Tail” of Entertainment. Head to The Long Tail blog to see his take on it. Some summary points: 1) slowing growth for incumbant content creators and shift in value from creators to aggregators/packagers; 2) UGC here to stay–see note below; 3) more choice for consumers creates confusion, noise and selection challenges; 4) Content isn’t king; great content is.

Anderson points out, Content is only as good as your ability to find it. This isn’t just about applying killer Search Engine Optimization to all content, it’s also about appealing to the sensibilities of bloggers, influencers and critics through relevant engagement so that they help the content be found. Kind of like Anderson’s article and the Bear Sterns report which you may have missed had it not caught my eye.

 The chart linked here shows the box office success per film for major studios from 2000-2006. While the last couple of years show marked recovery for Disney and Sony with downturns for Universal, Fox and Time Warner, none have been consistent under- or over-performers. One of the reasons UGC will be here to stay is because both The Long Tail and its Head may be better discovered in the hits we see take-off online through the velocity of the billion-click learning machines.

Note: The methodology used by Bear Sterns about User Generated was based on Page Views. As many have said following Nielson’s decision last week to drop it as a success metric due to the growth of video and widgets, “the page view is dead.” A little flabby on the research side specifically on this topic, but the rest of the article and the implications it raises very worthy of reading.


One response to “Entertainment Hit Record

  1. Content is only as good as your ability to find it > your point about the content network – bloggers,influencers, critics, et al is right on…And, it speaks to the strategic use of non-paid media and how I’d frame “Helping content find you”.

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