Bob Johnson Stalker

shanti_track20070717th.jpgFor those who might be wondering, Real Branding General Manager, Bob Johnson, is in the middle of the 2007 2+ week Trans-Pacific sailing endeavor from Long Beach, CA to Waikiki, HI. We know he’s nearing the middle because logs are reported on the Flagship Tracking website. To find our fearless stargazer, click on the “boat selector” button and select “Shanti.”

Here’s the descriptor sent by Bob’s partner, Shana:

“Shanti, the smallest boat in the race, had a great (on time!) start…  Unlike the 70 footers with hired crews of 15 or so, the “people’s boat” is made up of 4  non-professional sailors who have “real” jobs.  Skipper Jon Eberly is a software engineer, advertising project manager, internetista, and 505 racer; Navigator Bob Johnson is a general manager for a world class internet advertising/marketing agency, a former international star boat racer, and Transpac competitor; Crew and Medic Colin Wozencraft is a ER doctor in Virginia and a former professional kicboxer; Crew Garth Copenhaver is a Tibetologist, 505 racer, and probably something else.  There are too many land crew members to mention.”

Bob knows and has served the role of Navigator in many areas of his professional and personal life. We’re confident he’ll get the team to their objectives with stellar performance.

Great quote on the vessel/team: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”


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