Dramatic Chipmunk Meme

Here’s a weekend snack: Search YouTube for “Dramatic Chipmunk” and you’ll find over 5 million views in the last month between the original clip and all of its parodies on the first page of search results. I liked Darthmatic Chipmunk, but that’s how I roll. There are also Lost, Dr. Evil and Kill Bill versions of our popular rodent. As quickly as something catches fire on the viral/sharing circuit, you’ll find its haters and our Meme-hero has those wishing him ill.

I was trying to imagine what would make this take hold. Here are a couple possibilities:

  • Anthropomorphic projection. There’s something in his stare. Kind of like our fascination with celebrity, but in evolutionary reverse. Instead of being “super-humans” brought down a bit by acting like real people, this is an animal acting like a super-human. And in a way, by some standards, this Prarie Dog has achieved fame status few humans will
  • Snack-size. At 5-seconds, what’s the risk. Note to self, express in 5 seconds
  • Cute. We loves ur cute lolcatz. He’s kind of up in your face in the same way…

For quick reference, the 5-second clip that’s captured the fancy of millions is below:


And the orginal piece from which those 5-seconds were clipped, revealing its true identity as a prarie dog:


Credit NewTeeVee trying to wrap their head around how and why a meme takes off as well.

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