VentureBeat: Widgets=Traffic to Mothership

Quick read: using Quantcast reporting, VentureBeat pegs growth of three widget-leading companies–HotorNot, RockYou and Slide–to their distribution in Facebook. Conclusion: Widget=Growth strategy for publishers today. “Free,” a tenant of Widget development and distribution, is Chris Anderson’s latest concept to follow-up on his must-read, The Long Tail. It helps address that question you’re internalizing: “just how do you evaluate value-creation of “traction/hyper growth” if they’re not producing profit?”

Also, via Masha Geller on facebook: Facebook puts itself on the block for sale–only $7-10bn, about 20-30% the value of Yahoo!.

One response to “VentureBeat: Widgets=Traffic to Mothership

  1. Not only does it bring traffic but the SEO implication are huge if you can include a backlink in the widget.

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