Spotlight on Celiac

redbridge.jpgJuly 25, 2006 NY Times article pegs a growing trend for the gluten-intolerant, kindly framing it as a marked market opportunity, a fanatical base and highly personal insight pool from which to draw for dramatic communications opportunities. Popular numbers are 3mm consumers in the U.S., but as the father of a gluten-intolernat son I can share we’re hearing numbers/incidences higher than that anecdotally. Tip o’ the hat to Anheuser-Busch for seeing this opportunity and creating Redbridge for this audience–looking forward to having a beer with my boy when he comes of age. Obviously I’m loving all this attention for personal reasons, and also like the communication opportunity. If you’ve got a brand that wants to break out in this space, please comment. We want you to do well while doing good.


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