Re-read the Clue Train

Eight years ago Chris Locke, Doc Searls Rick Levine, and David Weinberger posted their Clue Train Manifesto. It became a best seller lauded for cutting through the marketing hype and speaking plainly about the shift markets and marketers are experiencing. Buy it, re-read it online or at least review the 95 theses available on the website and as a pdf for your convenience. Please return and comment. Tell me: is it more relevant and manifested today in the 2.0 environment than ever?

My next posts will explore other metaphors and approaches describing the sea change marketers must face to guide and manage their brands in a “Consumer-in-Control” world ultimately to deliver what we call “Real Branding.”


One response to “Re-read the Clue Train

  1. Prophetic in its day and pertinent in this day. I find it ironic, however, that as we talk more and more about consumer, producer, markets, employers and employees being networked, connected and expressive that it’s become even more impossible to talk to real human being when making a phone call to a credit card company or a utility.

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