Get It Wrong Quickly, Mike Moran

Robert Scobles interview about how marketing has changed with IBM distinguished engineer, Mike Moran, author of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. and pending book, “Get It Wrong Quickly.” Highlights, central theme around Clue Train Manifesto’s premise, “Markets are conversations.” Great quote by Scobles comparing marketing to blogging where “you have to risk being an idiot” and see if what you say resonates. Moran builds on this in agreement–just as a blogger might change their assumptions and message in future postings based on commenters’ feedback, marketers should do the same by listening to their consumers. “It’s amazing how brilliant you look when you give customers what they tell you they want.”

“Get it wrong quickly,” btw, refers to allowing yourself the concession that in today’s environment you won’t get everything right the first time and are unlikely to do anything perfectly. It’s not about getting it wrong, but making informed assumptions and being prepared to course-correct quickly as needed.


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