Google-All The News You Can Edit

Steve Rubel posted a stimulating threadon his Micro Persuasion blog about Google’s new feature for commenting on news stories. It’s not a pure Wiki or commenting function–still involves editorial vetting–but it’s pretty revolutionary. Don’t like the reporter’s license with your quote? Give it more context or bring the nuance back into the piece. There’s a great thread to the post with some back-and-forth about if reporters should be allowed to comment to the comments, etc.

What’s brilliant about this IMHO is the natural progression of 2.0 commenting/participation/reviewing to any content–not just merchandise or expert matter–even the news. It’s like an extension of Metcalfe’s law that the network grows more valuable with participation (n2): now, is it the content, the commenter or the publisher that grows more valuable with participation?  This is getting interesting.


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