Widgets Vs. Ad Networks–Rankings

Quick quiz and no cheating: which has more unique viewers each month worldwide: eBay, Wikipedia or Widgets in aggregate? How about in the U.S.: widget makers Slide and RockYou or Apple.com–iPhone inclusive? The numbers and rankings may surprise you. Here’s a run-down from June 2007 Media Metrix and Widget Metrix by comScore:

The answer to the first question is that in worldwide aggregated audience Widgets are fast-approaching eBay levels and surpassed Wikipedia in global rankings. On the U.S. front, both Slide and RockYou shattered the top-ten list of all media properties in less than two years.

 Advertising Network ranking and numbers from July 2007 comScore data:

Worldwide ranker of widgets, ad networks

 And, in the U.S. rankings:


US rankings by comScore


50% Widget penetration in NA; 34% Western Europe; 58% Portugal and UK. Like broadband numbers a couple of years ago, they’re biggest when we don’t talk about them anymore and they enter near ubiquity.


My market read: look for acquisitions or IPOs with valuations in the $100m-$1bn range based on comparables in this chart. Like me, you must be thinking, “wow.” That’s a lot of shareholder value in a short time if all other economics hold steady. BIG DISCLAIMER: I don’t hold any stake in these companies and am not a financial advisor. This is a gut call I’m sure we’ll revisit on a fun wager soon.


Thanks to Erin Hunter and Lynn Bolger at comScore for providing the statistics and speaking at our Digital Leadership Summit on Widgets. We look forward to seeing where they ultimately rank in the heart of consumers and marketers.

More media coverage from this week’s OMMA and MIXX shows:

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