Flights from hell theme

This week I sat for three hours on a runway at New York’s JFK heading back to SF experiencing what appears to be the status quo in travel. Like many, I’ve lost my patience and am taking it up in a blog. Below you’ll find other voices taking the same tact using video to show the incompetence and truly inane behaviors that have been “trained into” what must have been perfectly good people.

A few months ago, a heroic Group Account Director from New York braved what is increasingly becoming a high-risk for failure operation: She flew from Newark to Dallas. Her return flight, it took nearly 13 hours to travel back from DFW to JFK.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Two days earlier, this video chronicled the missteps of Delta/DFW:

Three passengers on “flights from hell” with foodless, explanationless and truthless travel experiences encourage political action to deal with this industry blight:

jetblue passengers:

jetblue Cancun travelers 14-hour delay (as you might imagine, there are some expletives in the soundtrack), first 30 seconds probably enough to get the point:

former JetBlue CEO, David Neeleman, apologizing for horrible experience:

As the industry finds its way back to profitability, perhaps it can find a better way to get people from one point to another as promised. Otherwise, no matter how you say or serve it, your brand will come off sounding and smelling like a pile of b.s.

 A few airlines or people who work for them have it right. Recently overheard an honest Southwest employee in Oakland calm an irate passenger who waited over an hour for his bag to arrive by requesting he post his complaint on their company blog, which will get read by their CEO and others that can make a change in a broken luggage handling process at that airport. She wasn’t trying to pass him off, but trying to make him part of the solution through this UGC vehicle. His response–empowered, committed and, in a way, felt he was treated with more respect than those above.


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