Real Branding on Widgets

On August 30, 2007 Real Branding hosted a Digital Leadership Summit for clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Darden Restaurants, Disney ABC Television Group and ESPN on the topic of “Widgets.” Like widgets, we consider the gathering small, but the impact mighty. In this intimate setting, inspired greatly by Freeweb’s Widgetcon in NY, we enaged in lively discussions about the framework, measurements, best practices and direction of “Widgetdom”–a new phrase generated from the day.

The executive summary presented here—and via webinar/podcast with Newsgator on September 26, 2007—represents content and best practices shared at that summit by market leaders such as comScore, Freewebs, Google, NewsGator, RockYou, Slide and Fox Interactive Media’s SpringWidgets.

 Get the summary presentation (5mb ppt file):

Slide handouts with notes (2.5 pdf file):
Real Branding Digtal Leadership SummitFlickr Slideshow from day–view slideshow with “i”/information window on to get details/texture describing progression of the day.

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2 responses to “Real Branding on Widgets

  1. A visionary French film critic once said that every new development in cinema brought it ever closer to its origins. The same pattern seems to apply to our space, too. With distributed content and the global conversation(s) it enables, we’re getting closer to some of the original promises of online.

  2. Modular, distributed content that harnesses emergent technology platforms as well as the power of the social graph is truly the brave new world of online marketing, it’s an exciting time to be able to explore the possibilities in this space!

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