Web 2.Overheard

Some quick recap lines, impressions and links from Momentum Growth Conference last week:

  • “$100k just isn’t what it used to be.”–Robert Turtledove, CMO www.theladders.com
  • “I challenge the assumption that all entrepreneurs want to shoot for the moon [in response to capital migration path of $50-500mm rounds question]. Mozy.com sold for $75mm on $1.5mm of captial raised delivering a healthy 13x return for investors.”–Criag Sherman, CEO www.gaiaonline.com –went on to suggest the strength of the software stack and core 2.0 standardization contribute to right-sizing assumptions for guiding and executing a business
  • “For an online business using online-only [marketing and media] can be very effective.” Lynn Chitow Oaks, SVP Marketing, Jingle Networks (www.free411.com) “We happen to target 35-49 year-old Middle America and are leveraging PR and customer satisfaction for our marketing… and being FREE helps.”
  • During rapid-fire question round on a 5-person panel, the answers to 2.0 success?
    • Listen to customers and satisfy their needs
    • Listen to what users are telling you directly and through analytics
    • Design for the consumer (getting the uniform, LOUD theme?)
    • Ruthless prioritization
    • Deliver results for members and users
    • Keep them and earn it every day
  • Follow-up panel with Social Media and Widget leaders when asking “what makes you different” made me wonder, could “Listening” best be the new competitive advantage? Think about how well Google can listen with their billion-clickstream informants…
  •  “BabyCenter, where you can get a baby online.” Ellen McGirt from FastCompany introducing a chat with Tina Sharkey, Chairman of BabyCenter.com
  • “Our goal is reach.” Slide‘s Keith Rabois, VP Business Developent
  • “Web 2.Overload” Sarah Lacy, Freelance Author and BusinessWeek Columnist

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