My Picks for Media All-Stars

On November 12, 2007 in NY Mediaweek will release its selection for “Media All-Stars.” And, right behind it is the AdAge “Media Mavens” award ceremony on November 28 at the NY Hilton. With all due respect for this year’s winners and nominees, including our friend Ian Schafer, I’m selecting the real winners in the space and offering categories more relevant for those interested in where the action is beyond the popularity contest that MediaWeek’s event and selection process has become.

As any of you linked-in to a nominee by Facebook or other socialnet knows through the flood of “vote for me” requests, this is largely a popularity contest for those capable of getting people to click. That isn’t to disparage or discount anyone on the list–all seem capable of the moniker Media All-Stars–but to level-set the expectations in the selection process. It will largely be the most-popular, not necessarily the most capable who win. So, tongue-firmly-in-cheek, I decided to create my own list of those deserving some recognition. You can vote with your comments and own nomiations below.

The Person We Still Believe Can Make The Watershed Moment Happen for Digital in CPG

Jim Stengel, P&G

Best Old-Schooler Taking it to The New Skool

Rupert “We will not be timid” Murdoch, Fox Corp.

The Guy at The Big Agencies That Should Scare the Little Guys:

Rishad Tibacawalla, Starcom/WPP

Sharpest Digital Marketing Person Disguised As A PR Flack:

Steve Rubel, Edelman/Omnicom

Must Read Blogs (multiple winners):

John Battelle, Federated Media

Robert Scoble,

Chris Anderson, Wired,

Best to Debate the Direction of Digital Marketing into the Wee Hours:

Joseph Jaffe, Crayon

Most Deserving Recently-Made Millionaires (multiple recipients):

Aaron Broder/Brian Fitzpatrick, Gorilla Nation

Rick Parkhill, iMedia/DMG

Dave Morgan, Tacoda/AOL/Time-Warner

Chris Young, Klipmart/Doubleclick/Google

Most Likely to Say “Widgets” in a Conversation:

Chris Cunningham, Freewebs

Most Likely to Heckle at a Digital Summit:

Danny Fishman, Broadband Enterprises (also “next millionaire–see above)

Best Guy in Digital to drink a beer with:

Sean Finnagan, OMD/omg

Biggest Self-Proclaimed Pimp (I mean that in a good way)

Joseph Dumont, Questus

Up and comer:

Adam Krause, Associate Media Director, Freestyle Interactive

Most Likely to Rule All:

Google (

What categories have I missed and who would you add?


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