Uplifting Bra Vids

playtexfits.jpgPlaytexbacks their tagline “who knows you like we do” with a simple, insightful campaign that’s also a YouTube hit. Doesn’t hurt that they’re promoting the video everywhere the 18 Hour Comfort Lace videos appear–smart planning and execution–but more importantly the ads are honest. Women of many shapes, sizes and ethnicities take the objectifying power out of the fetish by talking openly, bras bared, about their “friends.” Meet Lacy and Casey and other favorite names, see women dance in bras and experience the celebration of marketing that knows women better than the male lurkers that are bound to flock as well. Take a peek:


Props to Emily for passing along. To quote the campaign, “ta tas” for now.

2 responses to “Uplifting Bra Vids

  1. Loved the ad…It appears that Playtex is jumping on board with the Dove ads of real women.

  2. Well Mark, Playtex is not the only one in the YouTube bra race. Check out Wonderbra’s campaign on YouTube, which seems to have a little more edge than Playtex’s campaign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22uYmmRhzIA Granted, Playtex’s ad will probably connect more to women than Wonderbra’s ad.

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