Hiring for Digital Marketing

In a post last week about Neal Stewart of Flying Dog, I mentioned he held a couple of marketing mutts under his iron paw that mastered marking territories of MySpace and Facebook (really stretched the doggy theme out there). A couple of days later Tim Brunelle pegged AdAge’s Abbey Klassen’s article about the five most sought-after skills for digital marketing, including the Hacker, Tech Curious, Online Eavesdropper, Dataheads (I prefer Rubel’s term “quants”) and Trailblazers.  You’ve got to read Tim’s take on it. Great texture and linked back to a talent gap in digital marketing that’s about to get ripped by a storm of unmet demand as billions of dollars from traditional marketers try to find their way online. So, start tagging your resumes online with hacker, curious, lurker, quant and blazers. We’re looking for you.


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