Inspirations from Springsteen

Enjoyed reading the 11/01/07 Bruce Springsteen The Rolling Stone Interview by Joe Levy. Whether you’re a fan or not (personally I’m a fan of the man, his message and folk work above all; also rocked a number of amazing shows all the way back to the 80s), I find great and applicable wisdom from any interview and nearly every album. Here are some inspirations from the interview that resonated with me (and not in the online version linked above):

“It’s in ‘Leah’ on Devil’s & Dust: ‘I walk this road with a hammer and a fiery lantern/With this hand I’ve built, and with this I’ve burned.’ I think everybody feels those two things. It’s just how you balance them. There’s a lot of fire in the burning, but it don’t do you any good if you ain’t got the hammer for the building.”


So you realize you’ve got to make your own map, and in doing so, you honor your parents by taking the good things they gave you and carrying them forth, and taking burdens and weights and putting them down so your childrend don’t have to run with them.”

And a personal favorite reflection on the band, much like I enjoy about our agency:

I like the fact that all my guys are out there and that they’re all alive. I like that a lot. It could have gone many other ways. There were struggles, the same type of troubles that many other bands have, but people took care of one another, and everybody’s there. I can’t tell you the joy of standing next to those same people.”

I don’t have much to add to these eloquent thoughts, but I invite you to in the comments below.


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