Missing You

Along with a lot to be thankful for, 2007 was a year of great loss as well.

On the agency side, Jon Barkan of GCI, a dear friend–anyone who spent time with him considered Jon in these ranks–passed away suddenly, leaving his wife and three children whom he adored. You can see the joy he created from comments added to his last post on Jon’s blog: Blogger: The Barkan Dawg – Post a Comment

Two friends were in Chicago a couple of weeks ago to grieve with a man destined to become a friend who lost his mother. And this past week one of our clients lost her father. Each one stirs the ghosts of our personal losses as we feel sadness and inadequate expressions of support for their trials.

In beer we lost: Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter; Steve Harrison of Sierra Nevada; and Linda Stark of the Brewer’s Association along with a rewarding and short stay with one of our companies.

20+ years ago when I was just out of college I lost my father to cancer. I chose not to grieve, as if it were a choice. I numbed-out and avoided feeling by throwing myself into 100+ hour weeks dedicated to learning all I could about advertising, psychology (Jung), business, my clients business and their vertical industries. Business offers a refuge from emotions if you let it.

At the end of several years I awoke from a nap on a remote Mexican beach during my first vacation since his passing. Four years of running grabbed me by the throat and gut and forced a long howl of original pain. I had many realizations that changed my path in many ways on that beach.

The truth relevant to this post is the need to grieve openly and allow others to share, comfort and feel as well. Jon Barkan’s last blog post was aptly titled: “Good Grief.”

I’ll celebrate his life and the others we lost this year with the Peanut’s Outkast mash-up video Jon shared in his last post:

Feel free to post a comment about others you miss to burn the candle in memory here.

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