Happy Holidaze

In true 2.0 style I’m scribing this from my iphone about 30 minutes before 12/25/07. Ever notice how most tweats, posts, facebook messages and even emails happen “after hours” with friends in the 2.0 ecosystem? My quick theory: the Internet stack is getting so stable and rich that two guys alone in a room over a weekend can wipe out 6-months of a well funded team of 30’s first-mover advantage. The fear and urgency is real and warranted. Anyway, back to the point of the post. Our team has been so immersed in 2.0 that it took over our holiday greeting card. And like a good google app, it’s in perpetual beta. So give it a spin, pass it onto 5 friends and spread the 2.H0 cheer. Welcome to The Holidazzlr:


All our best from our families to yours. Happy Holidazes & New Year. Here’s to a healthy, happy & prosperous 2008! I’m signing off for a couple weeks. Look forward to reconnecting next year. Cheers! Silva

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