More Than One Laptop Revolution

If you have an hour, check out this presentation on the Google campus from One Lap Top Per Child (OLCP). Between the geek speak you’ll hear some radical change at work. Not just on the laptop design, but on the entire global educational system. Not from the outside, but from within through charitable contributions. It’s a lot more than a laptop or cause. This is simply radical change.

One of the early points made in this presentation is that it’s changing education in a fundamental way. Not in a small way, like introducing new curriculum. But in the big way, as in changing the way you have to approach learning. Up until ages 4-5 you, they point out that you learn from friends and through the pure joy of curiosity. This system–software, access, laptop, philosophy, etc.–is a return to collaborative, exploration learning. As a twin, this totally resonates with me: my brother and I learned more quickly through collaboration, were into everything by all accounts and even developed our own language.

First hand, we received our OLPC laptop as a child elsewhere in the world got theirs as part of a give-one-get-one program. It comes with no manual, requires a total sense of curiousity and commitment to explore. Already we can see our neighbor who also got theirs on our local “mesh network” and are preparing to friend a few others for limited instant messaging.  My daughter is learning a new application each day and giggles as she “works.” It’s delightful.

Any experience of your own? Please comment below.


One response to “More Than One Laptop Revolution

  1. It’s too bad the give-one-get-one program is no longer available. Sounds like a great idea.

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I plan to. Thanks for posting this.

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