Some Twitter Hacks

Last week I wrote about how I pipe tweats, posts and links from one space to another with greater efficiency thanks to the magic of rss/widgets. I’m not a coder and pretty much learn by tips from others or trying things out. One of the concerns I’ve had is that when I make a twitter post, if I’m not following my account I miss people responding via the @marksilva convention. How do you track and capture all these?

I found a pretty cool way that I might add to a sidebar here (have to consider if utility is of value). Using the awesome Terraminds twitter search engine, I simply search on @marksilva and now have an RSS feed from these results. Anyone can subscribe to it.  I’ve created an area of my Flock browser sidebar to subscribe to top folks I follow, which means I get a message-board like conversation that has the original post and all responses embedded as well.

If you know a better way to do this short of scripting/coding, please share below. Cheers! silva

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