Migrating Customers from eMail

Over at MediaPost Melinda Krueger, the “Email Diva,” is blogging about the benefits of addressing email unsubscribing with four solid additions to consider in your opt-out process. I think we should exepct churn from email lists in the next 2-3 years–if we haven’t seen this already in more digital-forward customer segments–as consumers adopt more content control through start pages, rss readers (browser sidebars, netflakes,widgets) and other devices/distribution vehicles. If we maintain a path to value (for some of our CPG and retail clients, a simple path is the equivalent of an electronic FSI/couponing) and even build competitive and complementary paths we can keep the consumer even if we lose their “email loyalty.” In addition to Melinda’s good thoughts on the value of churn for learning and potentially soft marketing. consider adding an RSS (share this/add this/see toolbar below) and socialmedia links–fan a brand page or group in Facebook, for instance–to that exit strategy.

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