The Conversation Will Happen With or Without You

GetSatisfaction, the customer review site for “people-powered customer service for absolutely everything,” is receiving a fair amount of buzz from the technorati and 2.0 media biz. Like many other 2.0 companies including digg, Facebook, Google, Twitter and others, they’ve announced an open API (application programmable interface) which means that developers can create applications over their platform.

What does that mean for Marketers? The conversation about you, your brand, your products, your employees, the greatest act by your visionary leader and the lowest act from a help-desk, the pixel-perfect logo placement and the poorly executed ad placement will be posted, rated, debated and elongated–in the long tail way.

There is little anyone can do to change the course of this consumer-lead initiative. It is the natural extension of “consumer in control” expression. And yet, most marketers behave as though avoidance will have some impact. We have lots of ideas about what to do with this new reality and how to act, but for this post let’s leave the provocation and comments to how the conversation in happening with or without us. Either way, you’re in the middle of this through commission or omission.

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