Embrace Real Brand Champions

An appropriate 4/1 post: Mark Malkoff pulled off the amazing feat of visiting and buying something to consume from every Starbucks in Manhattan in one day. Real Brands, repeat after me: “I want consumers to do this for my brand.” Below are the 3-4-minute Today Show, CNN & Fox News pieces that covered the stunt. Can someone do the math on how much–in addition to the $280 (plus $80 bribe for poundcake to an employee to reopen after closing which was later repaid by Starbucks) in revenues generated by in-store spending–this equates to in free advertising?

Mark’s incredible journey

Today Show Interview

CNN Interview

Fox News Interview

And, if you’re wondering what to do for an encore, Mark’s shot a series “Living in Ikea” including a mini-hit when Lisa Loeb came to patch things up with Mark and his wife via song.

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One response to “Embrace Real Brand Champions

  1. Great post Mark. I would be amiss if I didn’t point out that the fastest, most efficient way for Mark to get around Manhattan to all those Starbucks was on a bicycle.

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