Potential Google Shot Heard Around World and Seattle

TechCrunch is reporting a potential move by Salesforce to more tightly integrate Google into their offering. I like what this means beyond the press release potential. Hard to separate hype from reality in the press-release optimized search world, but regardless of companies or egos involved the rumors of moves to combine a number of application stacks represents massive potential. Consider the dislocation potential from how you work today. Salesforce + Google could represent profound shift in small business and B2B potential. If it works, it means that in 2-3 years you could be managing businesses of any size on post-PC devices such as smarter–Phone-like devices or <$100 terminals (see OneLapTopPerChild for example).

Consider Salesforce (CRM)+ Plaxo (2.0 contact mgmt with socialnet connectivity)+Google Ad Words (search campaign mgmt)+DoubleClick (general campaign mgmt)+GoogleAnalytics (webside analytics)+Google Gears (ability to be offline)+Google Docs and Gmail=end-to-end contact and campaign management.

In other words, the ability to effect sales and communications while measuring the effect of each touch at any time and any place. That’s Enterprise-strength infrastructure that scales from one person to one million.

Whether Salesforce.com get acquired or if Google is the beneficiary of the new OS platform, we’re seeing the concrete, market changing manifestation of O’Reilly’s 2.0/Internet Operating System meets Chris Anderson’s “Free” Meme.

And, btw, Google also announced last night @ its Campfire event that it would be launching a free applications hosting environment.  Applications for beta got bumrushed and taken in about 2 minutes, but would highly recommend your developers apply for the next seats.

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One response to “Potential Google Shot Heard Around World and Seattle

  1. Any chance that these new services will help incubate the next big thing that could eclipse Google itself? All of those crazy ideas happening in dorm rooms and garages everywhere are all of a sudden implementable.

    This is the sort of disruptive innovation that Media Companies need to understand and exploit (or let slowly undercut their business). We’re talking about this stuff over at wediaup.wordpress.com

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