Digital Media Terms to Learn

We’ve been collecting and creating a growing number of terms, some of which are self explanatory, some which are insider jargon and/or purely for fun and some inspired by the unique challenges developing in the digital channel requires. Please add yours in the comments area below.

Twitter gets its own section:

Tweet: a twitter post

Retweet: reposting someone another’s post. example from @worleygirl: @lacajag reweeting: jowyang @marshallk does great analysis on his use of twitter for journalism

Tweetup: a meet-up of twitterers during a conference or in a common location

Tweetdown: I’m proposing this for the term when you meet someone you’ve followed on twitter and are dissapointed

Mistweet: twitter post one later regrets (example from @steverubel

Mistweated: my term for typo or premature posting on a tweat, as in when you use an iphone or itouch and try to hit the space bar but clumsily hit “enter” and send a half-baked thought

Twitstop: according to Nielsen’s Pete Blackshaw @pblackshaw, it means checking twitter while (ahem) taking care of business

hashtags: putting # in front of a subject allows anyone to follow a topic as though it were a channel. search on #adtech for to see what people were talking about around and during that event.

Twitterrhea: unstoppable flow of twitter posts

@replies: when responding to a twitter post from someone, include their name after the @ sign and it shows up in their “replies” tab. IMHO, it also signifies a dialog versus monologue/blasts (hint, very important for brands…)

Some other useful terms:

matching luggage: useful in describing digital efforts that reflect the design guidelines from offline communications but add little value to the consumer experience online (the opposite of transmedia storytelling)

microchasm: an inch wide and a mile deep, the microchasm is an appropriate metaphor for the microcosm of a digital effort into which all strategies and tactics fall

predespised: anyone walking into a room in which distrust and contempt precedes them–digital guys at a traditional marketing meeting and vice versa, corporate IT to the hacker crowd, etc.

rechannel: reforming–atomasizing, copywriting, scripting, storyboarding, tagging, transcribing, etc.–offline content for the digital channel

Update: Two other posts with great synchronicity to check out: Ian Schafer’s Social Media terms and David Armano’s post on Made Up Words for 3.0.

Do you have some of your own Digital Mediaisms to share?


3 responses to “Digital Media Terms to Learn

  1. retrospec: specification or documentation developed as CYA after the delivery of a (highly accelerated) project

  2. Saw a good one today – accidental, I’m sure.

    aspect ration: the allowable dimensions of a video to be posted online.

  3. Ian Schafer at tweeted permission to repost his terms–follow link above to get more Ian love…

    Crapplications: Annoying facebook applications. Usage: “No, I don’t want to take your Dr. Phil test. What a crapplication.”

    Groupsydaisy: Accepting an invitation to join a Facebook group, only to realize it was for something completely different, then leaving immediately. Usage: “I just joined the ‘I love animals group’ on Facebook. Turns out it was for people that really ‘love’ animals. In that way. That was a heck of a groupsydaisy.”

    Feedbrag: Purposefully doing something on Facebook that you know will be posted to your newsfeed, thus letting everyone know about it. Usage: “John rented Fellini’s ‘8 1/2′ from Blockbuster just to make people think he’s smart. That was such a feedbrag.”

    Viraelian: One who believes that every online video they post to YouTube will be seen by millions. Usage: “Just because he made a video that looks low-budget but has special effects doesn’t mean people are all-of-a-sudden going to find them and email them to everyone they know. He’s such a viraelian, and he’s converted his entire department.”

    Flackipedias: Articles on wikipedia created by or contributed to by PR firms.

    Twitzer: Using Twitter to attract women. Usage: “Man, he’s totally sending out tweets that are designed to make him seem rich and single. What a Twitzer.”

    Memicide: To kill a meme through overusage. Usage: “It’s becoming pretty apparent to me that coverage by mainstream media has killed RickRolling. A clear case of memicide.” Or, my blatant copying of David Armano’s blog post, is an official act of memicide.

    Statustician: One who updates their Facebook and/or Twitter statuses habitually.

    Twends: When something starts becoming oft-tweeted about in a short period of time. Usage: “I keep getting tweets pointing me to Brian Morrissey’s twitter feed. This is a definite twend.”

    Invinsible: The feeling of setting your instant messaging application to “invisible”. Usage: “Ain’t no one going to bug me on IM today. I’m in control of who I chat with. I’m invinsible.”

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