Gender Politics in UI/UX

what are you?I see a lot of stuff each day that I think, “that would make a good post to share,” and then the thought and inspiration falls prey to priorities. That’s why I’m using twitter and bookmarking more to bring the quick hits into this blog and beyond.

Anyway, to the point of the blog, I caught a cool meme the other day with one of those inspirations and wanted to take it all the way to post, so here goes.

Chris Messina, “Open Source Ambassador” for Flock, put together a thread of images dealing with identity and form fields in web applications. The straw-dog was a form that said “girl” and “boy.” As with “salutations” where it’s presumptive to assume one is simply either married or not these days, we also have to think beyond simply male/female. The post goes onto share all the ways apps have addressed such as pownce’s solution shown here.

The big idea and takeaway is that every interaction can be an opportunity to bring one closer or turn them away. Every form can be loaded with political implications. Even extending beyond male/female is a political acknowledgement to which what my most-right leaning friends would take exception.

Have you ever run into these considerations in User Experience? Post thoughts below.


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