Back Blogging

I’ve gone blog-silent over the last three weeks as heavy travel, client work and new business took me out of action. I’m back with some observations from the blog sidelines and around Social Media. I’m using more Social Media tools as they’re faster and easier to update than the blog format. In fact, they’re contributing to some of the absence. See an audit of the tools, how I’m using them and why for more.

  • Facebook: using the Flock browser, it’s easy to post images, pictures, links and other content directly into my Social Graph where hundreds of people are following and have an opportunity to view. I realize this takes it off of the search grid and behind the stockade, so will repost some of those notes here for better searching and commenting abilities
  • Twitter: due to it’s short-form, you don’t have to compose. A tweet or two a day keeps you online and connected to the conversation. I use a Simpson’s cartoon character of me as my icon in part because of the timeliness of the medium–like cartoons/pulp, it was meant for immediate consumption and also maintains a serial aspect as well
  • Bookmarking: I use delicious and stumble to tag what I’m reading. The former populates on my blog and the latter in my facebook and FriendFeed social graphs to inform employees, clients and friends (in that amplifying order) what I consider read-worthy and occassionally why
  • Flickr: Mobile posting to Flickr also feeds the social graph and Friendfeed. I’m using Flickr for the more personal side, but occassionally for digital and Entertainment marketing as it moves me
  • Mobile: per above, posting images to flickr, tweets to twitter and even updating Facebook status. And, as our good friend, Dave McClure tweeted, you can too:  Facebook status updates via mobile: txt 32665

So, where is it all going? I was sharing with family over the weekend a vision of being able to telescope into any period of a person’s life to see what they were doing, observing and thinking on any given year, month, week, day, hour, etc. Think about an iphone like telescope interface and flipping forward/around function. It could be a cloud or even a 3-d visualizer. Around that person will be the cultural sountrack of their life–music, friends, news and conversations they were listening to at that time. I’m thinking about this not in a creepy big-brother aspect, but as the encyclopedic resource future generations of yours will want to understand. For my children and theirs it will take the guess work out of what I was up to, who I admired and what I valued.

While I’m not lifeblogging, using a range of Social Media tools creates a data exhaust strong enough to keep a current going even when I’m not blogging.

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