7 Quirky Web Memes for 2008 so far

Mashable has a romp with 2007-2008 memes, including some covered in this blog/twitter/friendfeed streams. Conspicously absent was the “Little-Known Fact, Sarah Palin” meme, perhaps because it was born and expired in microformats on Twitter and didn’t make it to video or TV. Anyway, enjoy revisiting these Memes, which beat the pants off last year’s RickRolls. For those who don’t click, the best of the bunch has to be Sarah Silverman’s confessional, “I’m F***ng Matt Damon:”

4.5mm views on the original post

And Jimmy’s over-the-top parody response featuring the likes of Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Josh Grobin, Huey Lewis, Macy Gray and many more:

Over 5m views when you add traffic from multiple versions/postings

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