Blog vs. Social Media

The title is a little misleading as we include Blogs in The Groundswell ecosystem of SocialMedia, but it’s to make a point. There are trade-offs in, around and on media/screens. Until we change the 24-hour day there’s only so much time you can dedicate to any screen. As you can see by post-dates on this blog, my time on blog has slowed dramatically. But if you were to look at my FriendFeed stream, you would see that my volume on Social Media has continued to grow. In the past 30-days:

  • I passed the 1000 Twitter tweet milestone. That’s a modest number by some heavy syndicators or populators standards, but still a level of commitment worth comment
  • I posted more pictures to the public timeline on Flickr–in fact, many of these have more personal commentary than I’m confortable feeding into my blog or Facebook profile
  • I connected with a few hundred friends in Facebook and many have commented on activity directly on facebook and the socialgraph–two while composing this post
  • I sumbled/digged/delicious tagged/bookmarked dozens key articles for the times

You get the point. My SocialMap is more active than ever and I’m putting more into the ecosystem–hopefully adding value with my Share of Voice–but less frequently in this channel. Part of this has to do with the devices and tools I’m using. Part has to do with the Personal/Professional dynamic which I will post about next. And part has to do with the benefit some tools have over others in taveling beyond the stockade of the immediate application, like this blog. Jeremiah Owyang, Sr Analyst at Forrester has commented that he’s getting as many comments in the open space of Friendfeed as within the comments section of his blog.

Time will tell how this will evolve, but it’s a certainty that the time-in-media will continue to shift as tools transform to more social and open application.

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