Did you feel that?

In California, when we say “did you feel that?” we’re usually referring to an earthquake. We look around for others to validate the sensation or to scan other perception points for movement. In a way, our economy has us looking around for proof points and confidence too.

On January 5th we asked, “did you feel that?” for a different reason. There was a palpable enthusiasm and optimism that entered the office that day. It was new car smell+first day of school+opening day kick-off+getting the band back together all rolled-up into one. It wasn’t just the reflection from a longer-than usual vacation, although that might have helped. It was the feeling of a team coming back together with good momentum and challenging work ahead that we love doing.

I encourage all of us to hold onto that feeling this year. Connect socially and share stories of your weekends, holidays and families. Laugh. Be excited about the work and the fact that we’re working. Be part of creating great value for our clients and their consumers so that their businesses remain healthy. Don’t suppress your excitement—no one does on the first day back. Don’t let it slip into routine. Be Great. Be the shaker that others feel good about having on the team.

And, yeah, you did feel that. It’s Real. Here’s to a transformational 2009.


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