Monday Eye-openers

Trying something new today–Monday Morning Eye Openers: a weekly series combining the richness of Peet’s coffee (a client from which we’ll introduce a different blend to percolate over each week) and thought starters, articles, and conversations from off the the previous week’s Socialgraph. Participation is encouraged in this effort, so if you’ve stumbled upon something of interest that you want to share, send the links my way!

The Coffee
Today we’re pouring Peet’s New Guinea Highlands blend, described by Peet’s as ” Mellow and aromatically complex. Full body, moderate acidity, broad flavor. In our opinion, one of the world’s best coffees.” And here’s some insider info from the client: the New Guinea Highlands bean was originally cultivated in 1937 imported from the Jamaican Blue Mountain seed which sells at 6-10 times the price, and is grown in roughly the same climate, elevation, etc. without the over-harvesting that may happen with a crop of that value. So, if you’ve had both roasts, how do you think they compare? Can you tell the difference?

As you sip on “one of the world’s best coffees” check out the links below:

A smart article exploring a spectrum for privacy, anonymity and identity with verified anonymity being a high-ground for consumers (think age, location, etc. gates) from RWW:

This GoNoGo YouTube video got over 6mm views last week and captivates with cool Rube Goldberg effects:

And here’s a cool beyond the video boxes execution for Tostitos Salsa on Vimeo–a tactic, but still something to consider when you need things to breakout for execution and for the consumer:

Like the coffee, just enough to savor before kicking off the week. Hope you enjoy this feature.

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