We Lose Mobile in 10-years

Had an opportunity to catch up with Michael Becker, Managing Director, MMA North America–you can find him on Twitter @Mobiledirect–during the Pepsico10 conference on July 28th. This is one of a series of post from that event. In our interview we covered a variety of marketing areas for Mobile including statistics, growth, case studies and check-ins/geo-local. In response to a question about if we’ll be talking “Mobile” in 10 years, Michael believes that the term goes away and it just becomes a core piece of marketing.

If you have 10-minutes, here’s our video interview:


If you don’t have 10-minutes, here’s a summary:

Thoughts on recent rapid growth and adoption of Mobile? (1:00) Defines mobile marketing and attributes maturing of platform, critical mass of consumer adoption and last 6-months hit a tipping point beyond 20% in penetration of Smartphones—50% penetration by Q3 2011. Still early days, text messaging still dominant.

Reference: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend’s report: http://www.slideshare.net/guest1222bdb/mary-meeker-april-2010-internet-trends

Let’s talk Check-Ins: (4:40) Marketing example: Foursquare, Bravo and Local Restaurants for Iron Chef brand—discount, coupons, sweeps for private showing of Iron Chef show.

Every marketer becoming a direct marketer. The promise of one-to-one marketing realized.

Crystal Ball, 10-years from now, are we still talking about mobile? (7:55) “It’s just marketing…it’s core for everything.” Target and Best Buy talking about how core it is to their marketing strategy.

To his point, here’s a video from Best Buy CMO Barry Judge:

“The internet in your hand. Every phone is a response device.” Over a billion visits to websites and stores every year for lots of learning.

Coca-Cola brand concept: “put a Coca-Cola within arm’s reach of desire.” They realize that between that arm and the Coca-Cola product is a phone. So that’s a core piece of their integration and enablement.

Pepsico10 Impressions: Fantastic. For those brands that can invest in an event like this—especially those larger companies that have many brands under the umbrella—it’s essential to get that central area of baseline education and understanding of what’s possible in mobile.  Because there are so many diverse aspects to subjects like mobile (and digital) looking at any area in detail can be like viewing a spoke and not the hub. Day-long immersions give you the opportunity to see the breadth of the subject.

MMA Charter for mobile industry:

  • Promote and Develop
  • Educate
  • Measure
  • Guide
  • Protect

So what do you think? Are we still going to be talking about Mobile as a marketing term in 10-years or will it just be “Marketing?”

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