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At Pepsico10 held at Pepsi’s Purchase Headquarters on July 27-28 we had a chance to connect with Ann Mooney, 18-year veteran from P&G, Former Pampers North America Brand Director and CEO of Rising Moon Consulting. In her keynote presentation to Pepsico marketers, Ann ran through a number of trends in technology materially changing the experience, expectations and relationship with consumers. Ann packaged her presentation in the wrapper of “the digitally-fueled moment of NOW” and shared ways that P&G, Pepsi and other marketers will benefit from deeper understanding of how this moment is taking shape. Our interview is immediately below and some transcript notes follow:

Summary Notes:

Biggest industry leaders recognizing that they need to invent the future or else the future tends to be invented on the fringes and not with the industry leaders.

Leader embracing the fringe start-ups to shape the future together.

Other benefits of these kind of events? Networking ability that blasts through silos within these large companies as well as within the start-ups. So connectivity.

Themes from the event: “Power of technology explosion that we’ve seen that’s effected the way we communicate as well as the way we market is changing Marketing in my view. This idea of Engagement Marketing leveraging technology and digital communications in order to do that I think is the wave we’re going to see for the next 12-18 months.”

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